About the dialogue

Use the 'About the Dialogue' page to provide more information that will help people understand the Dialogue and the issues at hand. You should edit this section to include things like:

Purpose: Why is this Dialogue being run? What problems does it help solve? What will happen to ideas and contributions shared here?

People: Who's behind this Dialogue? What are the roles and responsibilities of any organisations involved?

Proposition: What exactly is being asked here? What kind of feedback/input is useful?

Problems: What issues might it be important to consider when making a response? Is there a broader context of which it's useful to be aware?

Plan: When will the Dialogue run until? What happens once it's closed? Will the results be made available?

Try and make this section as engaging and easy to digest as possible. You can use text formatting, links, images and video - so make the most of them!